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Mar 14, 2018

Read about how Troy Gray wants to shake up the TV industry

The disconnect between television and viewer is a problem that Troy Gray, founder of Vox Ventures, hopes to solve. He was awarded a prize at last year’s #HWALAB, after pitching his idea for media sync technology to the panel of experts.

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“I produce and syndicate global television shows, coming up with concepts and selling and distributing them around the world,” Troy says.

“If the viewer wanted to be involved in the outcome of the show, they’d be able to do so in real-time. With media sync technology, the viewer will have more say in the outcome of the show they’re viewing.”

He said it was a challenge pitching a broadcast-focused idea at Hybrid World, which is an event focused on new technologies.

“Television is a bit of a dinosaur,” he says. “But not only was I creating shows, I was seeing there was a real disconnect between television and the viewer. I want to make ideas more interactive.”

Pitching, experiencing the mentoring workshop and ultimately being awarded a share in the grant money is something Troy looks back on fondly.

“I was surrounded by experts from the digital space, so that was great for me. I wanted to build, I knew the direction I wanted to take television; but it wasn’t until I was surrounded by some of these people that had more of an idea about technology and the use of digital technology to enhance what I was trying to do, that I saw a much clearer picture.”

The grant money awarded to Troy enabled him to find guidance on a range of concerns including IP protection, which is useful in his dealing with international markets. Troy’s ultimate goal for Vox Ventures is to produce the next great reality program.

“The ultimate show is something that can carry borders, that isn’t specific to geography or demographics, religion, gender or race… the biggest shows in the world are things that can be syndicated quickly, and each country can create their own version,” he says.

“I’ve got several dream shows in mind.”

This year’s #HybridWorldADL will take place in July in the city of Adelaide. For more info on the lab, and how to apply, click here.